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Company Announcement - Groundmaster Westlink merge September 2015

The CEO and Board of Wilh Wilhelmsen Investments Pty Ltd are pleased to advise the acquisition of the Westlink Engineering Group as a partner to our Victorian based business Groundmaster Engineering Pty Ltd.


The Westlink Group is a full-service engineering company, with the in-house know-how, personnel, equipment and facilities to provide outstanding end-to-end engineering services.

Westlink consists of four divisions:

  • Westlink Engineering (sheet metal fabrication)
  • Aztec Production Sheetmetal
  • Linelink Conveyor Systems
  • 4 Jet Water Cutting Services

Each of Westlink's four divisions work together closely in the company's purpose built 30,000 sq foot factory, often with integrated workflows, to deliver the best engineering solutions for its customers.

Based in Sunshine Melbourne since 1994, Westlink has an established reputation for engineering excellence, and for exceeding its customer's service expectations.

The Westlink Group is an accredited stainless steel fabricator through ASSDA (Australian Stainless Steel Development Association).

Westlink NEWS

Westlinks sharp 4-Jets Water Cutting service

When the Westlink Group purchased its 4 Jet Water Cutter in December 2006, it was the first of its kind to be imported into Australia.

The machine is a precision cutting tool, capable of cutting both delicate and robust product types including stainless steel, aluminium, glass, marble, granite, acrylics, composites, foam, etc.

The key difference with 4-Jet Water Cutting is its supreme accuracy, quick cutting, and the fact that is leaves no marks or blemishes on cut material (eg burns marks, etc). The Water Cutter cuts through material up to 150 mm thick, be that steel, acrylic, stone, etc.

The real value with Water Cutting comes when cutting high value exotic metals, where minimising waste is especially important.

Westlink Group now ASSDA Accredited

The Westlink Engineering Group is now accredited with ASSDA - the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association.

ASSDA is a non-profit industry group that was established to represent the interests of its members and accredited fabricators, such as Westlink. ASSDA encourages and promotes high quality stainless steel fabrication services. Accredited companies bear the ASSDA logo - a mark of knowledge, experience and quality that signifies their compliance with the ASSDA Accreditation Scheme. For more information on ASSDA, visit www.assda.asn.au

Production Sheetmetal

Aztec Production Sheetmetal uses in-house CNC technology to manufacture a wide range of sheetmetal components to fine tolerances, including prototype work. Read more

Sheetmetal Fabrication

Westlink Engineering provides responsive and reliable fabrication and manufacturing services to automotive, defence, chemical process, and food industries. Read more

Conveyor Systems

Linelink Conveyor Systems offers practical solutions for linking their client's production lines to specialised manufacturing equipment, and is a key supplier to the food industry. Read more

4 Jet Water Cutting

Westlink's 4-head waterjet cutter - the first to be imported into Australia - allows simultaneous precision cutting of multiple parts of greater thickness than possible with laser or plasma cutters. Read more


Sheetmetal Fabrication
Production Sheetmetal
Conveyor Systems
4 Jet Watercutting Services

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